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Sökmen Bey II

Sökmen Bey II
Sökmen Bey II



Ahlatşahlar da denilen Sökmenliler Devleti hükümdârı. Babası İbrâhim Beydir. Amcası Ahmed?in devlet idâresinde yetersizliği sebebiyle tahttan indirilmesi üzerine 1128?de başa geçti.

Ahlatşahlar Beyliği, çocukluk dönemi hâriç, İkinci Sökmen Bey zamânında en iyi devresini yaşadı. İkinci Sökmen bir ara Sasunlulara esir düştü ise de Artuklu Beyi Timurtaş?ın yardımıyla esâretten kurtuldu. Musul Atabegi İmâdeddîn Zengi?nin ölümünden sonra, İkinci Sökmen, ona âit olan Hızan ve Mâden?i ele geçirdi. Bu sırada Artuklu Beyi Kara Arslan, Malazgirt ve Tûtab şehirlerini Ahlatşâhlardan aldı. Artuklulardan Necmeddîn Alp?in aracı olmasıyla, Kara Arslan ele geçirdiği yerleri geri verdi.

1161 senesinde Gürcüler, Ani?yi ele geçirince, İkinci Sökmen, diğer Türk beyleriyle Gürcistan Seferine çıktı. Bu seferde İkinci Sökmen, büyük bir hezîmete uğradı. İki yıl sonra tekrar birleşen Türk beyleri, Gürcistan?a yeni bir sefer düzenlediler ve Gürcüleri yenilgiye uğrattılar. İkinci Sökmen, Ahlat?ta parlak törenle karşılandı. On iki yıl sonra Âzerbaycan Atabegi Şemseddîn İldeniz, İkinci Sökmen?i Gürcülere karşı yardıma çağırdı. Nahcıvan?da toplanan Türk orduları Taryalis Ovasına kadar ilerledi. Gürcü Kralı savaşmaya cesâret edemedi ve ormanlık bir bölgeye kaçtı. Türk ordusu, pek çok ganîmet elde ederek geri döndü.

Bu sırada Selâhaddîn-i Eyyûbî, 1174 senesinde bağımsızlığını îlân ederek, Eyyûbî Devletini kurdu. Ülkesini genişleten Selâhaddîn Eyyûbî, Doğu Anadolu?yu da topraklarına katmak istiyordu. Selâhaddîn Eyyûbî, Musul?u kuşatınca, Atabeg İzzeddîn Mes?ûd, diğer Türk beylerinden yardım istedi. Halîfe Nâsır, İkinci Sökmen ve Atabeg Kızıl Arslan?ın aracı olmasıyla, Selâhaddîn Eyyûbî, Musul kuşatmasını kaldırdı.

İkinci Sökmen, uzun yıllar hüküm sürdükten sonra, 1185 yılında yaklaşık 80 yaşlarındayken vefât etti. Çevredeki bütün hükümdârlar, ona saygı gösterirlerdi. Akıllı, ileri görüşlü ve güzel ahlâklı bir hükümdârdı. Cesâreti ve Gürcülere karşı mücadelesi, halkın gönlünde taht kurmasına sebep olmuştu. Ahlat, en parlak dönemine onun devrinde ulaştı

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Here in California the farming industry would collapse overnight if the flow of illegal workers was stopped, and it's unlikely that farmers could find enough locals to fill the back-breaking harvesting work without having to pay a lot more than current rates. The same is true for many industries ?C from meat-packing to housework.

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Telles says that her award-winning company's play El país de las maravillas ( Wonderland), written and directed by Omar Varela, is a play about a woman waiting for her son to return to Montevideo from school in New York. He wants to come home and stay there; she dreams of a new life in the United States. The play, laced with humor, is about immigration.
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But this was the first time the Tigers played a high-major opponent - and they soon realized they were taking on a different level.
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NATS, which handles around 5,300 flight movements a day, is 49pc owned by the British government which had previously mulled the sale of part of its stake before deciding against it due to its strategic importance.
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Time, then, to book the after-dinner comedian and, judging by last Mondays corporate entertainment showcase organised by the JLA Speaker Bureau, City clients could be seeing a lot of the Canadian comic Sean Collins as they digest their rubber chicken.

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Travel consumer journalist of the year
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Well, I'm afraid wars are not like that, and the more Mr Cameron tries to pretend Afghanistan is not happening, the more he plays into the hands of the Taliban, who can't wait for Britain and America to implement their exit strategy so that can retake control of the country again.You have to hand it to President Ahmadinejad. He claims it's , because the state of Virginia executed Teresa Lewis last night, a woman convicted of arranging the murder of her husband and his stepson. Er, right, Mr President. Have you forgotten to take your medicine this morning, you bug-eyed, frothing-at-the-mouth, stark raving lunatic?
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Castilla Drive, de Anthony Pastor, Prix du polar (Actes sud)

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(In the original Marvel continuity, the man inside the Iron Patriot armor was actually Norman Osborn, a.k.a. the Green Goblin. Ain't comics fun?) In the comics, the suit was explicitly modeled on Captain America's outfit - could this mean that we'll get a cameo appearance from the big-screen Cap in Iron Man 3?
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With some frequency, however, I have observed what strikes me as deliberate distortion of the facts in order to put Pope Benedict in a bad light. I would like to call your attention to what seems to me a clear example of this sort of partisan journalism: Laurie Goodstein and Michael Luo's article "Pope Put Off Move to Punish Abusive Priest" published on the front page of the New York Times on April 10, 2010. The story is so wrong that it is hard to believe it is not animated by the anti-Catholic animus that the New York Times and other media outlets deny harboring.
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China claims it holds less than a third of global rare earth reserves despite providing more than 90 per cent of the world's supply. ?"playerId":1866,"percentChange":-0.4,"averageDraftPosition":230,"percentOwned":0.9,"playerRaterSEASON":0.3,"playerRater7DAY":-0.7,"fullName":"Jared Cowen","seasonOutlook":"outlook":"Once re-signed, Cowen slides into the third slot on the Senators' fantasy blue-line depth chart. The hulking 22-year-old offers up a satisfying fantasy cocktail of points and penalty minutes. ","seasonId":2014,"date":"Mon Sep 23","playerRater30DAY":0.1,"playerRater15DAY":-0.4,"positionRank":93}Tim MacMahon
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Oh, and guess who the Warmist trolls (UK branch, anyway) think the most evil denier of all is?
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The islands were in part protected from the full impact of the tsunami by the local reefs - flooding was confined to the region around the airport in the capital, Male.
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Users went from smoking on 22 to 23 out of the last 28 days at the start of the study to seven out of 28 days after phone counseling.
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The researchers say the structures are shooting jets of mineral-rich water more than a kilometre into the ocean above.

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Some attribute the writing of the hymn to Akhanaten himself, but it bears a striking resemblance to a passage that can be found in the Hebrew Bible: Psalm 104.
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La famille du marin décédé, partie civile, devrait être présente à l'audience.Ce matin, à 9h30, dans le sens Paris/ Province, un premier poids lourds est arrêté sur la bande d'arrêt d'urgence et la première voie de circulation. Il transporte de l'électroménager. Un deuxième camion le percute et entre en collision, une fois encore, avec un véhicule léger, stationné lui aussi sur la bande d'arrêt d'urgence.

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For , it was his last Olympic moment.

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Bigger phoneme-word dictionaries (covering more dialects and languages) and faster processing would improve the accuracy of this kind of analysis ?LinkedIn has confirmed that the list of 6.5 million user passwords leaked yesterday is genuine.
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You hope it's all true about how this league, for all of its perceived ills and shortcomings, does not have a serious bullying or hazing problem.
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How much nicer to see smiling, besuited inhabitants of Whitehall flashing their cards as if their jobs depend on it. Which of course they do, in a way.
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However, the inevitable clash between the need to create a single economic, tax and spending policy to be imposed?on all members of the eurozone in order to save the euro and the democratic imperative that the peoples of the nations of Europe should each have the right to elect and to dismiss the government which taxes them?cannot be avoided in the long run.?Both Mr Cameron's supporters and his critics need to start thinking what sort of Europe there will be after that.

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You will have a strong commitment to working with residents and partners to minimise rent debt. As a strong team player and one who is dedicated to excellent customer service, you will ensure they offer support, welfare advice, debt, budgeting and money management advice to their residents.

Yorumu gönderen: ?????????, 07.01.2014, 06:54 (UTC):
Brees TD/INT ratio of plus-16 puts him on pace to break another one of his own NFL records. According to ESPN Stats & Information, Brees TD/INT ratio of plus-23 inside the Dome in 2011 was the best in NFL history.

Yorumu gönderen: ??????????, 07.01.2014, 06:14 (UTC):
Also speaking at the packed press conference were Bronx District Attorney Robert Johnson, who called the DNA databank expansion "an effective too that we should not turn our backs on."

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The original engineers were hoping to get an "all-employee" class, which would have given every salaried worker in the US who worked for the firms between 2005 and 2009, likely to have been over 100,000 folks. But Koh said in April that the case didn't have enough in common with all workers to allow them to sue together.
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Seeking Sales Executives from Media
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So far, there's no disputing that.DALLAS -- No, wasn't the top star of Thursday's 5-1 win over the . That was , whose two goals helped the Stars jump out in front.

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Quelles sont vos influences, vos envies??

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Assists: Patrik Berglund, Jaden Schwartz1414:39Chris Stewart (3) (Power Play)

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Here are 10 tried and tested hints that will help you to get the most out of Chrome by taking advantage of some of its more functional tools and time-saving setups.
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Congressional hearings? Investigation by an independent committee? If the NBA opts for either, would that really be a meaningful first step in regaining the trust of thousands of fans? I field a zillion complaints each season about the referees ? but so few suggestions on how to win back the skeptics. Or to simply find better refs or train the current crop smarter.

Yorumu gönderen: Air Max 90 Pas Cher, 05.01.2014, 22:55 (UTC):
The homogeneity of the RBS board at the time, combined with its large size (18 members, just one of whom was a woman), had resulted in a tendency towards unanimity that ultimately proved fatal.

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In Washington no exception.
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Ahern has accepted the defections and says he's moving on: "As the president of the Central Labor Council, I represent all people in New York City, including those who don't have the benefits of belonging to a union. I think we're really at a turning point in our society, and we need to have a unified voice moving forward."
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Our client is a nationwide cleaning and support services firm whose clients include shopping centres, commercial office space, manufacturing, leisure, and ed...

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The Bobcats (2-2) are off to their best start since the 2009-10 season when they began 3-2, while the Knicks (1-3) are off to their worst start since that same season, when they started off 1-9.

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In a statement, the national intelligence director's office appeared to confirm the allegation. It said that "as a matter of policy, we have made clear that the United States gathers foreign intelligence of the type gathered by all nations" - which includes friendly nations, by the looks of things.

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Distancelearning students do not go without support. "All students are assigned a personal tutor who is available on the phone, by email and at facetoface tutorials," says Mayle. "Even in this digital age, facetoface contact is still important. That's why we conduct a series of residential events spread throughout the programme."

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