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Anneler Günü

Anneler Günü

Anneler Günü kendini 1600'lü yıllarda İngilizlerin "Mothering Sunday" (Anneler Pazarı) kutlamalarında gösterdi. Hıristiyanlığın Avrupa'ya
yayılmasından sonra "Anneler Pazarı" kutlamaları ruhani bir güç sayılan "Anneler Kilisesi" ni onurlandırmak amacıyla düzenlenmeye başlandı, doğurganlık ve inanç yine bir araya geldi.

İçinde bulundukları dönemde zor koşullar altında yaşayan ve çoğu zaman çalıştıkları yerlerde barınan İngilizler bu özel günde izinli sayılırlar ve tüm günlerini evlerinde anneleri ile geçirirlerdi. Hatta biraz da Hıristiyan aleminin yortu geleneğinin etkisiyle olsa gerek
"mothering cake" adını verdikleri bir tür pasta götürme adeti yerleşmişti.

Hıristiyanlığın Avrupa'da yaygınlaşmasından sonra bu kutlama, onlara hayat veren ve kötülüklerden koruyan ruhani bir güç sayılan "Anneler Kilisesi" ni onurlandırmak amacıyla değişti. Zamanla kilise festivali
Anneler pazarı kutlamaları ile birleşerek, beraber kutlanmaya başlandı.

Anneler Günü resmi olarak ise ilk kez Amerika Birleşik Devletleri'nde 1872 yılında kutlandı. Şair Julia Ward Howe bundan böyle her Paskalya Yortusu'nun dördüncü Pazarı'na denk gelen tarihin kendi şehrinde Anneler Günü olarak kutlanacağını ilan etti.

Philedelphia'da yaşayan Ana Jarvis adındaki genç kız, annesinin ölüm yıldönümü olan Mayıs ayının ikinci Pazar'ının tüm eyalette "Anneler Günü" olarak kutlanmasını istedi. Politikacılara, bakanlara ve iş
adamlarına kendisine yardımcı olmaları için mektup yazdı.

Jarvis'in gösterdiği gayret 1911 yılında semeresini verdi ve her yıl Mayıs ayının ikinci Pazar gününün Amerika Birleşik Devletleri'nin tüm eyaletlerinde "Anneler Günü" kutlanması hükümet kararıyla kesinleşti.

Ülkemizde ise 1955 yılından beri mayıs ayının ikinci pazar gününde anneler günü kutlanıyor.

Türkiye, Danimarka, Finlandiya, İtalya, Avustralya ve Belçika'da da aynı tarih kabul edilmesine rağmen İngiltere'de ve diğer birçok ülkede Anneler Günü ulusça belirlenen değişik tarihlerde kutlanmaktadır.

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"With that pass it seems like Özil was already calculating what the next pass should be. So he puts the ball on the side which means Girouds only option is to pass it to the third player. The point is that there is a thought behind that pass. You see that with his control and his movement and thats what I like.

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"Rumors and speculation that there are major new findings from the mission at this early stage are incorrect," the agency plainly stated in a on Thursday.
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That may be so, but this experience was almost certainly being replicated at that very moment in courtrooms across the country. Last year, the National Audit Office (NAO) calculated that 784,000 of all pre-trial hearings in magistrates courts did not proceed on the scheduled day and were adjourned to a later date, wasting 173 million.

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"The governor views the rest of the session as an opportunity to pass real reform measures that in any other circumstance would be nearly impossible to move," the source added. "You can always do a ... commission after the session. Why blow up the session now when you can always return to it later?"
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Soon, the Paralympic Games will make an even louder announcement that there are disabled sportspeople capable of incredible athletic feats well beyond the abilities of most able-bodied men and women. Indeed, the Paralympics will, I hope, be the greatest celebration of the abilities of those with disabilities that the world has ever staged.

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The Heat shot a series-low 39 percent on drives, including 4-of-12 from and LeBron James (who were a combined 11-of-15 for 26 points in Game 4).

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After bullying Buffalo, the Jets can take charge of the AFC East when Pats visit.

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Drew, meanwhile, has had enough of watching his team dig big holes early and then try to climb out of them.

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"This enables us to compare the cost of living in London with Hong Kong and Manchester with New York," he explained.With the Government planning to make the TA play a far more central role in future military operations, it is clear that a lot more thought is needed regarding our attitudes to the TA.

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Information from's Dave McMenamin and The Associated Press was used in this report.Updated Microsoft has been quite cagey about its plans for games licensing on the new Xbox One, but multiple reports now suggest there's going to be very little incentive for a second-hand games market anymore, and buyers could get stung with extra charges.

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Krazy Kat, de George Herriman, prix du patrimoine (Les Rêveurs)

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Tell me what prompted you to do this piece on -- -- -- too late but setting on the child and I look I have sent a lot of criminal trials.
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Crawford did that with flare on Monday, often twirling his way to fancy dishes or passing up an open shot to feed a teammate for an easy basket at the rim. The 25-year-old Crawford produced only the fourth double-digit assist game of his career, adding 16 points (on 7-of-12 shooting), five rebounds and a steal over 32 minutes 36 seconds of floor time. He was plus-15 in plus/minus.

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"No one is pretending that there is an equivalence between 20,000 regulars and 30,000 reservists: that has never been the argument.

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The key resource is *money*. I moved to London from southeast Ireland about 6 years ago, doing a very similar job here to the one I did there, and surprisingly found the cost of living here (rent aside) to be more or less the same - but I earn about 10K more here than I did there. Now consider that when I lived there, it was entirely normal to see most retailers dealing with media like DVDs, CDs and games keep products at their launch price for their entire lifespan. So many games remain 60 games, CDs remain 25 cds, and DVDs remain 30 DVDs. Over the last 7 or 8 years, a bunch of those retailers wondered why so many consumers in Ireland collectively told them to shove it, and started shopping online. But many of them failed to adjust their prices accordingly (Hello HMV, hello GAME) and have unfortunately since gone bust, which is bad for everyone. But to blame the consumer is a shortsighted and incomplete conclusion which fails to fully account for the root cause of the problem.

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Topics:, , , , , , , , , , , ,Maybe you just hate leaving the house to shop, or you find yourself last-minute gift-hunting, or you simply live on the Internets and want to give gifts to other web lovers. The web can help you , but it can also provide instant gratification with gifts for friends and family who are tech-savvy and enjoy digital toys.
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Bailey added: "Well not great; itll be adequate."

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Unlike Crikey's Bernard Keane's , I'm not going to bump the figure up to take into account multiple events happening to one person. However, I am going to treat each incident as distinct - in other words, I won't try to de-duplicate the data on the assumption that one attack put someone into two categories (for example, identity theft leading to online fraud).

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The Semiconductor Industry Association (SIA) has released its stats for chip sales in August and says that they grew sequentially by 1.8 per cent from July. The SIA is also holding pat with its forecast for 2010. But semi market watcher iSuppli has trimmed its chip forecast a bit because of reduced demand from consumers for electronics packed with chips.

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The name Twitter was picked out of a hat. A small group of employees from Odeo, the San Francisco podcasting startup where Twitter initially began, had a brainstorming session. They were trying to come up with names that fit with the theme of a mobile phone buzzing in your pocket with an update.
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I was flattered by richyork's praise and the flying scotsman's support for my "common ground" idea, which as jedibeeftrix thought might appeal to Lord Glassman. I was glad of the extent of support for my general advice from Igonikon Jack, change , phantom, saxon and others. There was also a strong groundswell of support for the view of petrolhead that it is not just the white working class who feel disenfranchised, or as rapscallion put it, the parties seem indifferent to the people's concerns. The political class was pretty unpopular too with itsafreecountry, jimmy claret and raw who described Milliband, Cameron and Clegg as "all from the same Blairite egg". Then king_womble said that new style political leaders have turned off the electors, or as Q46 put it there is a low turn out because there is little choice. That, according to T42, is also true in Germany. As Sub Optimal Planet wrote the major parties have lost credibility.

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"She should be commended for her dedication as a public servant rather than dragged through the mud by a mayor and a police commissioner who are simply unhappy with the result, neither of whom had the courage to come to court to defend these practices."
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Advertising these changes under the label "E-Mail Made in Germany" seems like a desperate effort to bring the already failed project "De-Mail" back into the spotlight. Indeed, these providers are claiming that De-Mail would even improve upon the new practice "in features".

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Dear Wendy

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Still, Markowitz has begged the city to take care of it.

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"The younger boys look up to the older boys," explains Mark Williams, Jesuss prodigious director of music. "In turn, the older boys learn to encourage and guide the younger boys. The team builds and renews itself all the time, and a child who might have been a probationer last year finds himself singing solos, demonstrating to others and leading the choir just a year or two later. As they grow as human beings, their voices and their confidence grow and it can be astonishing to see individuals who barely opened their mouths at first develop into assured and talented musicians."
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If shavings a weird way of wasting time, dont even consider driving. It considerably narrows the mind, and the way youre co-ordinated, youd probably end up killing someone.

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It changes because it's the secrecy expedience rapidly.
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What makes the Lumia 625's position so odd is that it's a budget phone. Why pay premium prices for a budget phone?

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Labour are putting a brave face on Mili D's decision to accept a position at the International Rescue Committee. Tessa Jowell has told the Today programme that "this is not any old job. This will be a channel for all his passion". She added that "this is a way of moving on from what is the legitimate fascination of [the brothers'] relationship." Ed is also being quotes as saying that British politics is a "poorer place" without his brother. "As for us, we went through a difficult leadership contest but time has helped to heal that. I will miss him. But although he is moving to America, I know he will always be there to offer support and advice when I need it," he said. In a blog, Nicholas Watt adds that David's connections insist that "he is not going to be the prince over the water. He is not going to come back to run Labour. That has gone." Meanwhile, over at the :

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"Then, when 365 days expires, extend it for another 365 days. If it helps, put a line in for Project K and make it's Predecessor Project L. So Project K starts when Project L stops..."

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Throughout the offseason, there has been more smoke than fire with regard to possible suspensions of significant players. The punishments will ultimately prove to be meaningless because players involved probably wont miss a significant chunk of the season or contests that will matter much on Selection Sunday.

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- An enterprise wiki platform that's made for sharing knowledge and collaboration.
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- LA-based all-girls band The Donnas tweet announcements of new merch, studio updates, reports and more. It should be noted that they do tweet themselves, and that their account isn??t strictly promotional ?? all the better!
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April 25-28, 2009, Toronto, Canada: celebrates what it means to live, think and play outside the lines with a three-day event focused on the art and craft of Interactive design, April 25 - 28, 2009, at the Toronto Hilton in Toronto, Canada. Now in its 8th year, FITC Toronto is one of the largest and longest running events for the design and technology community. This year's speakers include: David Carson, Joshua Davis, Joshua Hirsch, and MK12. The event is open to Flash and FLEX designers and developers, animators, programmers, motion graphic artists, creative directors, account managers, and anyone interested in Interactive design and technology. A 20% can be had with code MASHABLE.
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Yep, it seems like there's one rule for the political class and its cronies - and another one for the rest of us. If, say, you're the father-in-law of the British prime minister you can make getting on for a ?1000 a week from the wind farms on your estates; if you'reyou can make hundreds of thousands of pounds as a legal adviser to the Spanish wind farm company whose unsightly bat-chomping eco-crucifixes are going to be wrecking the British countryside.
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Meanwhile, world and Olympic ladies' champion revealed last week that she is "70%" recovered from a foot injury that she incurred in September and which has ruled her out of this season's Grand Prix events.
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- Job tracking, invoicing, project management and reporting that's completely web-based and made specifically for part-time independent contractors.
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